Roxanne's Glue Baste-it

A handy sewing tool used to temporarily baste one fabric to another. Roxanne's Glue Baste-it is 100% water soluble. Place tiny, controlled dots of glue in desired areas to temporarily baste fabrics. Glue dots will hold firmly until moistened or washed. Uses:

Available from most quilt shops, or purchase from Jan's online store. Two handy sizes - 2 oz. bottle with metal tip, and travel size with plastic tip.

2-oz. Glue Baste-it



application - tiny dots

.25 oz travel size Glue Baste-it


Other useful tips – keeping the nozzle clear (Jan's methods – not endorsed by Roxanne's Glue Baste-it):

  1. Once I open the bottle, I DO NOT throw out the little white cap. (if you have already done that, don't despair!)
  2. I use the Roxanne's Glue Baste-it, and promptly remove the nozzle tip, replace the white cap, thus sealing the bottle. If you have discarded the bottle, apply a small square of plastic wrap over the opening and replace the nozzle cap after cleaning.
  3. TO CLEAN – Drop the nozzle into a cup of warm water for a few minutes – maybe up to 30 minutes if the glue has had a chance to start drying. You may need to soak it overnight if your nozzle is very plugged and the glue has hardened.
  4. Pierce through the nozzle several times with one of those fat long thick quilting pins, and blow (by mouth) until you get air through the nozzle. This may or may not require repeated rinsing/blowing/piercing attempts. If the glue has been dried for months or longer, you may be unable to clear the nozzle.
  5. Once narrow nozzle is clear, let it dry without leaving a pin in place.

Option 2 – 

  1. Slip one of the plastic "lines" that holds the tags in place on your clothing – it has a T end and a flat tab on the other end. The "line" part is about 2-3" long, and feels like thick fishing line.
  2. You can safely leave this in place inside the nozzle while working (it will not rust), and even if the moisture still has a little glue residue, I can usually pull it out cleanly when I need to use the product again. Remove the plastic tab and use the little cap for permanent storage.

Option 3 –

  1. You might own a 'Lil' Sticks tube turning tool with a little handle, sold by fasturn®.  This tool is fine and slender, long enough to pierce down the length of the nozzle and clear any soft blockage. It will NOT pierce dried glue. (I suggest doing an online search to locate a seller of this tool. Watch for it in the notions section of your local quilt shop, or at the larger quilt shows.)
  2. PURCHASE replacement caps to keep back-up nozzle caps at home.
  3. Order a fresh bottle and package from COLONIAL NEEDLE, the new manufacturer of Roxanne's products. They include a spare nozzle cap in each package. 
  4. WATCH a video to see how the product is used.


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