Sewing Machine Quarter Inch Presser Feet

Q: Do I need a Quarter-Inch Foot for class?  What is a "Quarter Inch" Foot? Is that the same as a "Scant Quarter-inch"?

A: Quarter-inch presser Foot

A quarter-inch foot is a presser foot designed to allow the user to sew seams 1/4" wide. Attach the foot to the sewing machine.

  1. Position the two layers of fabric to be stitched directly beneath the foot.
  2. Align the edges of the fabric directly on top of each other.
  3. Align the fabric directly BENEATH the quarter-inch foot. The fabric edge should not be visible at the right side of the foot.
  4. Lower the presser foot.
  5. Hold the threads (bobbin and top thread) as you begin stitching to create a balanced seam and encourage the fabric to feed evenly during stitching. You may release the threads after the machine has stitched several stitches.
  6. Continue sewing until you complete the seam.

What is a scant-quarter-inch seam?

In order to sew a narrow seam, press the fabrics open or to the side and have the entire component measure the correct size following stitching, you must allow for the line of thread and the fold of the cloth.

Quilting tools - rotary cutter and rulers - create precisely cut fabrics that are exactly the right size. When a seam is stitched, and pressed, the unit may be smaller than originally intended. This is due to the diameter of the thread in the seam and the dimension of the fabric as it is folded back when ironed.

Therefore, a SCANT quarter inch seam is one that measures 1-2 threads less than a quarter inch. The finished piece or component should measure the correct width.

What is a SCANT-Quarter foot?

Sewing machine manufacturers have learned from quilt makers that a slightly narrower foot was required to make a scant quarter-inch seam. The newest feet are ever so slightly narrower, creating the proper seam width. Some presser feet have an edge guard on the right side to assist in alignment. The Pfaff scant-quarter foot is wider along the back edge of the foot to fully engage and contact the feed dogs while stitching with this narrow presser foot.


Bernina USA - Accessory presser feet for Bernina machines

Elna Sewing Machines - Accessory presser feet for Elna machines

Husqvarna Viking - Accessory presser feet for Viking machines

Pfaff USA - Accessory presser feet for Pfaff machines - Please see your local Pfaff dealer. Walking foot is unnecessary due to the machine's IDT technology - Integrated Dual Transfer. Even-feed of fabric is automatic.

Singer Sewing Machine Co. - Accessory presser feet for Featherweights and other models

White - Accessory presser feet for White machines - check on the White website

Bernina walking foot # 37: Quarter-inch Quilting Foot

Bernina #57 foot: Quarter-inch foot - same as # 37 foot with right edge guide

Pfaff quarter-inch foot # 26

The small black IDT foot (behind the silver presser foot) is virtually invisible when sitting in front of the machine.

Move the needle 1mm to the right to achieve a scant quarter-inch seam.

If you cannot locate a foot for your model of sewing machine, try the Little Foot¨ - available in four styles:

  1. LF101...Low Shank....for most machines
  2. LF106...Snap On....for New Home, some Elna
  3. LF108... Viking......for most Viking
  4. LF109....Slant........for Singer Slant Needle

available at quilt stores, quilt shows, and by direct order from Little Foot Limited.

often used for Featherweight machines:


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