Sewing Machine Walking Feet

Q: What is a "Walking" Foot? Descriptions and pictures of walking feet appear below.

Q: Do I need a Walking Foot for class?

Jan's answer: You do not need a walking foot for class if your machine sews beautifully (with control) on bias fabric. The goal is a scant-quarter inch seam without the stitching line moving right or left. If you struggle to control the fabrics while sewing a seam, you may have better results with a walking foot.

From "Ask Jeeves" -

Walking Foot

The Dual Feed, or Walking Foot as it is commonly known, is perfect for quilting, sewing plaids and silky fabrics or napped, specialty fabrics such as velveteen, corduroy and fur. This foot features a set of teeth that interact with the sewing machine feed teeth to grip the fabric during the stitch formation to virtually eliminate fabric shifting. It will also provide pucker-free seams when working on large projects such as draperies that require long seams.

Uses for a sewing machine "walking" foot:

  • piecing various fabrics - specifically for added control when working with plaids, slippery fabrics, and sewing on bias grain (such as the edges of diamond rows in Lone Star or other patterns, bias clothing, triangles, bias binding or mitering corners of quilt borders)

  • Machine Quilting

    Dual Sole Walking Foot for models 125 through 200 (shown with quilting bar attached - unnecessary for this class)

    Acc Model SA107 - Compatible with
    PS-1000 to 2000 - Acc Model SA140 - Compatible with
    PS-2200 to 2500 - PC-3000 to 8500

    shown with quilting bar attached - unnecessary for this class

    Pfaff IDT - Integrated Dual Transfer

    Even-feed system - built in on most models - fabulous for quilting, piecing and clothing construction. The small black foot behind the silver presser foot is virtually invisible when sitting in front of the machine. This is a rear-view photo. The IDT foot can easily be disengaged at any time. A quilting bar may also be attached if desired.

    Singer - one example of a walking foot - many styles available for specific machine models

    shown with optional quilting bar attached - unnecessary for class


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