Cut 'n Press Board

A Cut 'n Press board is a product designed and sold by June Tailor. It has a stiff core, wrapped with padding, and an outer layer of cotton duck cloth. One side is printed with a grid and angle lines. The reverse side has a rigid cutting mat attached to it. A similar product – the Quilter's Pressing pad – is sold with the printed cover (image, below right) and cloth back (no cutting board on the back side). 

two June Tailor products - Cut 'n Press (left) and Quilter's Pressing Pad (right)

The Cut n' Press boards are sold in several sizes. For the Lone Star classes, you will need the 18" x 24" size or larger.

A home-made substitute is suitable for the Lone Star classes.

Cut a thin (1/4" – 3/4" thick) piece of wood or fiber board (not cardboard) and wrap with several layers of cotton toweling, cotton batting, or similar padding material. Wrap the padded board with an outer layer of heavy cotton cloth such as cotton duck, cotton denim, cotton heavy muslin, etc. Sew (with a heavy needle and carpet thread) or staple (with a staple gun) the layers to close the edges.

Optional – attach a handle or strap to the edge for easier carrying.


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