Sewing Machine Extension Table

When sewing with a machine during a workshop, you will find that an additional sewing machine extension table is very helpful, expanding the area around the free-arm of most sewing machines.

Bernina Activa Sew Table extension

Machine manufacturers offer an extension table custom-built for your make & model of sewing machine. For older machines, you can purchase a Sew Steady plexiglas extension table that has a cut-out space to fit your machine. When traveling to class, don't forget to bring the feet!




Sew Steady acrylic sewing extension tables – custom-cut openings to fit many different machines 





White machine with travel case extension


 Alphasew Universal Sewing Machine Extension Table

Tilt'able angled support for sewing machine & presser foot pedal


Tilt'able support tilts machine toward you for easier view

NOTE – Many sewing machines sit in a recessed area on custom sewing tables, if you own one.

When the sewing machine sits on a standard table such as a dining room or banquet table, it will be elevated. You will likely need a chair cushion to raise you up for more comfortable use of your machine. If you are short-legged, you may also need to elevate your presser foot (placing it on a shallow box or notebook). 

A Tilt'able support for your machine, or elevated foot pedal support is handy if you attend many workshops, or work on a standard flat table in your sewing room. In lieu of a Tilt'able support, you may also use two rubber doorstops, placed beneath the back edge of your machine; adjust for the most comfortable angle, tilting the machine towards you.


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