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Lettering, Faux Finishing and Room Decor Sites

Faux Like a Pro
  online catalog of faux finishing products & classes (faux is pronounced FO - rhymes with OH)
Tatouage Transfer Designs
  Colorful transfers to bring detail to any room - the transfers have the appearance of hand painted artwork for walls, furniture, other hard surfaces. A dry-rub transfer process that requires no paint, water, glue, fumes or mess.
Wall Words
  We make letters and stencils that have a one time use. Most of our quotes can be applied in less than 10 minutes. You will have perfect lettering and still be able to go to the beach instead of teetering on a ladder trying to hand letter a lengthy quote. Most of our Standard Quotes are only $27.95 A large collection of quotes, phrases and subject matter Your choice of fonts and lettering sizes Lots of idea photos online at their website



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