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Sewing Furniture

Horn Furniture
  sewing, home & office furniture cabinets AUSTRALIA UNITED STATES/CANADA (Distributor): Mr Ed Moore & Mr Rick Hunt SCS USA Sewing and Craft Supply 9631 NE Colfax Street Portland OR 97220 USA Phone: Fax: 503 / 252 1452 503 / 252 7280 USA - Please call Koala Customer Service 800-547-8025 for Dealer locations in your area.
Koala Sewing Furniture
  quality Koala sewing furniture, and other supplies
Sewing Machine Cabinets
  one of the largest sewing machine and vacuum cleaner retailers in America, with 3000 sewing machines and vacuums at any given time. Email or call 1-877-530-6592.



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