Hollyhock Garden – pair of aprons, placemats, napkins, table runner

I was thinking of ideas for Market in a few weeks in Houston. What if the fabrics were used around the house – let’s say as kitchen or dinner table items? Aprons, table runner, placemats, napkins? Use any pattern you have on hand, or patterns purchased at the local quilt shop.

With the expertise of my friend, Betty Alofs, the fabrics are transformed! Betty made reversable napkins with a mitered border on one side – very classy. The table runner is a great pattern by Karen Montgomery of The Quilt Company, called “The Easy Striped Table Runner”.  Comments, anyone??

Hollyhock Gardens placemats_napkins

Betty Alofs' quilting (detail)

Betty Alofs' quilting (detail)

Hollyhock Gardens Table runner

Karen Montgomery's "Easy Striped Table Runner" design, sewn by Betty Alofs

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2 Responses to “Hollyhock Garden – pair of aprons, placemats, napkins, table runner”

  1. Maureen Pinwill Says:

    Your new fabric line is beautiful I wish I could get to Houston to purchase it. I wonder when it will be available in the UK. I will certainly be looking to purchase it.

    Are you working on patterns for a quilt for this fabric? Sorry if you have and I have not seen it yet.

    Looks as though you have beautiful memories of hollyhocks and humming birds!

    Maureen in Jersey, UK

  2. Jan Says:

    Maureen, the fabric is now starting to show up in local quilt shops, and I bet you will be able to purchase it online, too. Set a “Google Alert” for the fabric and you will receive an e-mail when it shows up anywhere on the internet.

    Google Alerts FAQ: http://support.google.com/alerts/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=71057

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