More Cruise Photos!

These photos are for my family to enjoy – as we took so many great photos. One of our favorite evenings was the formal night, where we all dressed up and had a lovely dinner together in the dining room. I must say that the dinners were my FAVORITE time of the cruise!

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 Courtney, Jan, Kim, Dana & Shruti


family friend Walter Elliott & Joie


Joie, Jan & Don at dinner

Jan & Don 

Don & Jan

Courtney, Jim & Dana

  Paul & Shruti 

Paul & Shruti at dinner


Joel & Kim at dinner 


Shruti at dinner


Kim at dinner 


Kiran, Aaron, Jason

 Poulsen Family Reunion Cruise

This is the formal photo taken by the ship’s photographer.¬†¬†¬† Left to right – (front row): Kim, Courtney, Joie, Dana, Jan, Shruti¬† (middle row): Joel, Walt, Jim, Don, Paul, (back row): Aaron, Jason, Kiran


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  1. Kim Says:

    These are great pictures! We will all have to share pictures with each other – not sure how to accomplish this – but we all have good pic’s to share of the cruise. Thanks Jan!

  2. Jan Says:

    Yes, I agree! I think the easiest way to share the photos is to burn the images on CDs for each family. Love you – Jan

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