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Sewing Tree

Sunday, December 14th, 2008
Studio Christmas tree

Quilt Studio Sewing Christmas tree

Ok, this tree can’t actually sew!¬†¬† The ornaments are sewing related.

  • Collect¬†several small spools of brightly colored thread.
  • Make a loop from colored cord, adding a knot to tie the ends together.
  • Slip the loop through the spool, and hang them from the branches!
  • Purchase several mini sewing kits with the tiny spools of thread, tiny travel scissors and mini pin cushion.
  • Use hot glue to join the sewing components together. Add a colorful cord or ribbon loop hanger.
  • Tie a ribbon through tiny embroidery scissors, small rotary cutters, various sewing tools.
  • Create a spool of thread ornament, topped with a gathered lace circlet and an inexpensive thimble. Hot glue the components together, and hang with a ribbon loop.
  • Keep your eye open for cute sewing ornaments – tiny sewing machines, little mice with thimbles, needlework ornaments.
  • Create your own stitched Temari Ball ornaments. I made these in the late 1970’s while¬†living in Japan.
  • Save or create your own fabric postcards to celebrate the season!