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Amazing scenes….inside a toilet paper roll?

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

You will enjoy this link! Artist Anastassia Elias has an interesting website, and a special art form! Please visit her site to see more! (click on photo to activate a slideshow link). 

Artwork by Anastassia Elias

Color palettes – Color Stripes blog

Monday, January 12th, 2009
Color Stripes blog

Color Stripes blog

I am frequently hunting for fresh ideas, fascinated by color,¬†and I stumbled across a great blog today – look at Color Stripes – an interior designer¬†artist’s inspiration and color palettes.

Sewing Tree

Sunday, December 14th, 2008
Studio Christmas tree

Quilt Studio Sewing Christmas tree

Ok, this tree can’t actually sew!¬†¬† The ornaments are sewing related.

  • Collect¬†several small spools of brightly colored thread.
  • Make a loop from colored cord, adding a knot to tie the ends together.
  • Slip the loop through the spool, and hang them from the branches!
  • Purchase several mini sewing kits with the tiny spools of thread, tiny travel scissors and mini pin cushion.
  • Use hot glue to join the sewing components together. Add a colorful cord or ribbon loop hanger.
  • Tie a ribbon through tiny embroidery scissors, small rotary cutters, various sewing tools.
  • Create a spool of thread ornament, topped with a gathered lace circlet and an inexpensive thimble. Hot glue the components together, and hang with a ribbon loop.
  • Keep your eye open for cute sewing ornaments – tiny sewing machines, little mice with thimbles, needlework ornaments.
  • Create your own stitched Temari Ball ornaments. I made these in the late 1970’s while¬†living in Japan.
  • Save or create your own fabric postcards to celebrate the season!

Ojos de Dios

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

When we were children, we used to make a craft with yarn and sticks, known as a “God’s Eye”.

I was researching the craft this week and stumbled onto an amazing web site called “Ojos de Dios”¬†featuring the beautiful original designs by artist Jay Mohler. Do visit his site and drop him a note! I have added Jay’s blog to the links list, on the left.

Ojo de Dios artist, Jay Mohler

Ojo de Dios artist, Jay Mohler

Wildflower Dance mandala

Wildflower Dance mandala

Made by Hand

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008