Ojos de Dios

When we were children, we used to make a craft with yarn and sticks, known as a “God’s Eye”.

I was researching the craft this week and stumbled onto an amazing web site called “Ojos de Dios”¬†featuring the beautiful original designs by artist Jay Mohler. Do visit his site and drop him a note! I have added Jay’s blog to the links list, on the left.

Ojo de Dios artist, Jay Mohler

Ojo de Dios artist, Jay Mohler

Wildflower Dance mandala

Wildflower Dance mandala

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4 Responses to “Ojos de Dios”

  1. valerie_val Says:

    Hi, I follow Jay’s ideas in Russia. I’m sure your website is read by Russians, maybe they will get interested in my blog.

  2. L.COPELAND Says:

    My art students loved looking at your work as they designed their own here in Houston

  3. Jan Says:

    Thank you – I love Jay’s work!

  4. s.murphy,aug.1 2011, fort worth tx. Says:

    just sitting around at home. to hot to go outside. it is 107 degrees in the shade. a little girl at a camp where i was teaching taught my how to make a god’ eye. i got online to get further instructions and was blown away by jay’s incredible work. truly the most beautiful i,ve ever seen. now i can’t stop making them. hard to believe that all his weaving is with the same sticks he started with.

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