One Block Wonders

I am inspired to make a new quilt‚ÄĒbased upon the designs seen in the¬†book One Block Wonders by Maxine Rosenthal. Several friends have made successful quilts using Maxine’s book, and I found a terrific Alexander Henry fabric that may make a dynamic quilt. Maxine suggests designs cut with a 60-degree triangle (use any of¬†the great Clearview Triangle rulers)¬†, or a 45-degree triangle (perfect when cut with the Fast2Cut 45-degree half diamond ruler!).

Here is the Alexander Henry Harajuku Lady fabric:

Alexander Henry Harajuku Lady fabric       One Block Wonders by Maxine Rosenthal

I purchased several yards. The book recommends at least 6 repeats plus a few inches for cutting / cleanup. I am cutting 3-3/4″ wide strips, and subcutting through all 6 layers to create sets of identical¬†60-degree triangles. Watch the blog in the coming days, I’ll show you what I come up with! If you are working with this fabric, please send me YOUR photo, to share with readers!

4 Responses to “One Block Wonders”

  1. Lorianne Says:

    jan, this will make a wonderful one block wonder. Can’t wait to see it. Keep posting along the way, please.

  2. Jan Says:

    Thanks, Lorianne! Please keep following, as I’ll update with more images as I go along. Jan

  3. Jan Says:

    Hi Lorianne! I did use the fabric! I’ll post the results soon!

  4. June Says:

    Love the black and white “border”! It adds that little punch! Great idea!

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