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“Shirtings” project

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

Early 2013, my Tuesday quilting bee friends and I embarked upon a personal and shared group project…….. Personal, because we each create our own design and shared − because we each contributed fabric and second-hand shirts purchased at local stores who specialize in re-selling donated items. There are many thrift stores operated by local churches, and larger stores such as those by Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries, who also offer job training, rehabilitaion and disaster relief in addition to resale of donated goods.

Our primary desired objects? Fabulous men’s and women’s shirts:

colorful shirts arranged by hue

shirts are arranged by color hue

We each purchased shirts that appealed to us – whether it was the color, the pattern (solid, stripe or plaid), or size − translating into more yardage per garment! Some of us creatively searched the pajama pants and ladies’ dress aisles, capturing more bargains.

solid colored shirts

wonderful solid-color woven shirts

beautiful shirts in plaids and stripes

a myriad of plaid and striped shirts

NEXT: the garments were laundered to begin the projects with pre-washed fabric.

sorting for laundry

sorting the lighter colored shirts for washing

Shirts are ready for the laundry

Shirts are ready for the laundry

warm colored stripes and plaids - yardage

add some plaid and striped yardage to the mix

The garments are now “de-constructed”, breaking down the wearables into their flat-fabric forms once again. Collars, front button plackets and cuffs are set aside for future use (hmmm. Wonder what I can do with those?)

deconstruct the garment

cut away collar, cuffs and button plackets with scissors or rotary cutter

Finally, the flat fabric pieces become usable again. Each of us cuts from our collective “stash”, whatever sized pieces our projects will require.

My warning tip: if you embark on this journey yourself, it becomes very addictive! I find myself scouring local resale shops, searching for the “holy grail” of shirts!

light-to-dark collection

a wide range of shirtings from light to dark

warm colored stripes and plaids

A mix of lovely warm colored stripes and plaids. Some hand-woven Guatemalan fabrics included.

mixture of shirtings & yardage

warm colored shirtings, with some cool color mixes

Stay tuned for more………  Jan