Attitude of Gratitude

jan_welcomebHi!   I’ll never be accused of posting too frequently! <wink>  I have just met a BIG deadline……. and I rewarded myself!  I called a friend, took her a lunch, and we walked in the sunshine. Wow, the weather is terrific here this past couple of weeks – we feel so thankful when we hear of all the troubles and awful weather in other parts of our country.

I am so grateful – and it made me think – what are YOU grateful for? How do you treat yourself when you’ve done a good job and finally get a break?  I’d love to know! As for me – here is a short list – and there are many more things – this is just the things I am thinking of right now!

  • Faith – God’s blessings!
  • friends and family
  • health
  • a home – a roof over my head
  • food on our table
  • coffee, chocolate, margaritas, salads, fresh berries
  • the sun on my shoulder
  • having a sewing studio
  • sunny bright afternoons – the studio gets great light
  • having goals to meet
  • having the energy and perserverance to stick with it until I meet my goal
  • watching the dogs lulled to a stupor, sleeping on the warm patio
  • listening to the birds, the breeze in the tree tops
  • sharing quilts and great  ideas with other creative people
  • feeling satisfaction in hard work
  • feeling a sense of accomplishment once I complete a difficult, extensive task
  • a good night’s sleep

jan_sewingThis is an older photo – look a the project I’m working on. See the finished quilt in the previous post.

I look forward to hearing what YOU are grateful for today!


4 Responses to “Attitude of Gratitude”

  1. Jan Says:

    my mother, Joie writes: ” I don’t know where to answer the blog but today I am thrilled to know my 3 daughters, Jan, Kim and Dana, and my son Paul, will all be visiting me in Mesa, AZ at the end of February. That will be a first in a long time and maybe ever that the 4 of them will be here without spouses or children. We will spend many hours visiting, rethinking the house interior for updating, nothing very detailed, and just enjoying our time together. Fondly, Mom /Joie”

  2. Diane Cannon Says:

    As for being gratiful, you had a nice list there–as for me, i think the best things is friends,family, then the internet to meet more “new” friends, being able to get up everyday and look forward to doing my passion–which is quilting–but we all know we can not always do Plan A–so i quess one of the things i am grateful for is the fact i can be flexible and not let all the curves in a days time throw me into a “tizzy”!!!! But I am most grateful for God, and nature! Just, Di in NY

  3. Jan Says:

    Thanks Diane! You are so right! Our daily “life choreography” is often pre-empted by God’s plans! Have a wonderful day! Jan

  4. ruth anne shorter Says:

    I would say first, Jesus who died for me, family and loved ones, a safe loving home, joy of creating, the appreciation of quilters like you who keep us inspired.

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