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Attitude of Gratitude

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

jan_welcomebHi!   I’ll never be accused of posting too frequently! <wink>  I have just met a BIG deadline……. and I rewarded myself!  I called a friend, took her a lunch, and we walked in the sunshine. Wow, the weather is terrific here this past couple of weeks – we feel so thankful when we hear of all the troubles and awful weather in other parts of our country.

I am so grateful – and it made me think – what are YOU grateful for? How do you treat yourself when you’ve done a good job and finally get a break?  I’d love to know! As for me – here is a short list – and there are many more things – this is just the things I am thinking of right now!

  • Faith – God’s blessings!
  • friends and family
  • health
  • a home – a roof over my head
  • food on our table
  • coffee, chocolate, margaritas, salads, fresh berries
  • the sun on my shoulder
  • having a sewing studio
  • sunny bright afternoons – the studio gets great light
  • having goals to meet
  • having the energy and perserverance to stick with it until I meet my goal
  • watching the dogs lulled to a stupor, sleeping on the warm patio
  • listening to the birds, the breeze in the tree tops
  • sharing quilts and great  ideas with other creative people
  • feeling satisfaction in hard work
  • feeling a sense of accomplishment once I complete a difficult, extensive task
  • a good night’s sleep

jan_sewingThis is an older photo – look a the project I’m working on. See the finished quilt in the previous post.

I look forward to hearing what YOU are grateful for today!