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Hawaiian Cruise – Sept 2013

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

Norwegian Cruise Line - Pride of America

Join me on a Hawaiian Cruise! I posted all the information on my website Рplease click this link to go directly to the newsletter.
Registrations for this wonderful event are available through Cruise Holidays: Click this link
I’ll add more details in the future. I hope YOU can join me!


Thursday, July 19th, 2012
HELLO, ALL! THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENTS! I am preparing to draw the name….. (drum roll please!)……
I have drawn the name of Annmarie. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I will contact her by e-mail to notify her of her win, and acquire her mailing address.
Please continue to follow the blog entries for Jane Sassaman’s book, both the entries before my blog page, and following. If you are not a winner, I encourage you to purchase a copy of the book for your library‚ÄĒit is a wonderful resource! I have some of Jane’s beautiful fabrics on my shelf, and I am dying to cut into it!!

Patchwork Sassaman Style

Patchwork Sassaman Style

Jane's Early Birds fabric

Jane’s Early Birds fabric

Happy stitching, ALL!

Golden Quilter Awards

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

SewCalGal is hosting her GOLDEN QUILTER AWARDS ‚ąíand I have been nominated in several categories! The final day to vote is by March 31st!

Here are the nominees and categories ‚ąíyou can place your vote for your favorite teacher, author and designer, too! Please join in the fun‚ąílet YOUR voice be heard!

Details from “Harajuku Lady” One block quilt

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

I layered six repeats (six layers) on the cutting mat, carefully pinned to keep the images aligned exactly¬†and cut 3-3/4″ strips, selvage to selvage. After cutting the 60-degree triangles from the strips, I arranged the hexagons on my design wall, rotating the units so the colors were clustered in groupings.

Here are some detail images of the hexagons created by cutting 60-degree triangles from the Alexander Henry Harajuku Lady fabric.

Repeating hexagon, detail 1

Repeating hexagon, detail 2

Repeating hexagon, detail 3

Repeating hexagon, detail 4

Repeating hexagon, detail 5

Another new quilt

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

I am teaching the Framed Diamonds / Dancing African Ladies quilt in Grand Junction, Colorado, Oct. 15, 2011. The location is Quilters’ Corner in Grand Junction. Due to my travel schedule, I¬†am unable to loan out the original Dancing African Ladies quilt. Therefore, I selected two related fabrics from my stash (these are older fabrics, no longer available):

a floral print and a stripe

(Cutting directions available in the Quick Diamond Quilts book).¬† I cut the¬†tropical floral print at a 22.5-degree¬†angle¬†(to control¬†the grainline) and sub-cut into 45-degree angles. The grain runs through the center of the¬†diamonds, and the quilt will be stable once it is pieced.¬† I also cut the striped fabric on an angle, and sub-cut into quarter diamonds. These are the ruler sets I used, in addition to the long 6″ x 24″ ruler.

click the image above to order the Fussy Cutter diamond rulers, or the Quarter and Half ruler set

I sewed combinations of framed diamonds, and¬†arranged them¬†on my design wall. I alternated a pieced diamond with a floral diamond, all arranged in rows. The edges looked a little too “blendy” between the striped diamonds and the print, so I added a narrow dark brownish batik fabric trim at the edges of the striped diamonds.

I pieced the rows of diamonds diagonally, creating larger sections, and finally assembled the entire top. I sewed 3 fabrics together, creating borders. The borders were added, and the corners mitered finish the design.

Early Sept 2011 – Summer recap

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

I have been off the blog for a while now. My travel schedule has been steady, and our summer was filled with family reunion, bathroom remodel at home, shipping, teaching, travel between engagements, and so on!

two fabrics for the Dancing African Ladies quilt

¬†I have gotten a couple of sewing projects completed. The first is a quilt design that originated with two fabrics (above). I created¬†the Dancing African Ladies¬†quilt ‚Äď and it is a featured pattern in my book, Quick Diamond Quilts and Beyond.

My son and his wife really like this quilt, and I wanted to make them a quilt using the same fabrics and diamond technique, but add a pre-printed panel from the Julia Cairns African collection (the fabrics are no longer for sale).

(click image to go to Julia Cairns’ website)

The¬†diamonds were oriented in a radiating star placement, slightly off-center, with the sunshine (in the panel) as the central radiating point. The pieced elements were completed, and the panel was appliqu√©d into the pieced diamonds. Here is the finished quilt ‚Äď machine quilted by Sylvia Fox.


Dancing African Ladies Starburst with printed panel by Jan P. Krentz, 2011

Round Quick Star Quilt

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Jacque M- round star

Jacque M round star detail

From my student, Jacque M:

Hello Jan,

Took your class in 2008 at Asilomar.  Wanted to share the round [Quick Star Quilt] one with you. Made it for someone having chemo,  wanted it to feel like the ocean on the back and earth on the front.  Did not know where to stop on this one,  just though it needed to be round.  She loves it, hope it helps somehow. 

I often use the large diamond when I need a fast quilt for a gift. Thanks for that!  Jacque M

Pinmoor Quilting aids

Friday, July 30th, 2010

I had the opportunity to visit with Loretta Ivison at the Long Beach Quilt show, and she has come up with a terrific tool! Please take a look at the Pinmoor pin cover quilt tools! They are colorful and simple to use, creating a fast method for pin-basting a quilt without injury to yourself, suffering from pin sticks and ‚Äď much worse ‚Äď pins in the carpet¬†causing severe injury to bare feet, children, babies, pets and husbands!

Thank you for your clever design, Loretta! Order your Pinmoor tools directly from the inventor by clicking here.

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Truckin’ Quilters?!

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

This is a great article on the Wall Street Journal: 

Quilting Trucker

Oh, Canada!

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

I have just returned from Toronto! What a great bunch of quilters at the York Heritage Quilt Guild! We had a program and two workshops: Colorwash Hunter Star and the Summer Salsa Lone Star. Thanks to the wonderful organizers:  Erica and Jeannie, Katie, Carolyn and Linda! Katie loaned me a winter coat, which allowed me to bring extra quilts!

It was great to show the newest book ‚ąí¬†Quick Diamond Quilts ‚ąí and quilts from all 5 books to the warm and friendly York quilters in Toronto. Even better? Watching the Olympics¬†in Canada as they cheered their athletes to victory! I admire the hard work – seven years of preparation – and think the Canadians are hosting a wonderful Olympic event.

One evening I went with guild members to Glow Restaurant ‚ąí which features a unique menu of local and healthy offerings.¬†Glow was located right near an ice carving display, and a small figure skating rink.¬†The ceiling¬†changed colors and the menu covers¬†had grasses imbedded in a thick plastic.

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